I’m feeling blessed. With all the sad and scary news in the world it’s easy to get lost in self doubt, self pity, and distrust of fellow man. The hard part is pushing through all that and focusing on the good that we have in our lives.


When I became certified in animal massage therapy, my goal was (and still is) to help animals. I don’t care what anyone says- you don’t go into business working with animals to make money. Are we completely selfless? No. We get a lot ourselves from helping animals. Building relationships of trust and affection with our four-legged friends, helping to improve their health and happiness, and in turn feeling proud of what we accomplish.


My life changed for the better when I decided to take a risk and change careers. My husband was supportive but clear on the fact most businesses fail. He didn’t want me to get my hopes up. However, I was so passionate about our idea that I worked day and night to build a business plan. My husband knows I’m smart but he was a bit surprised by my passion. I’ll admit, I was as well.


I’ve always been a dreamer. I talk about all the things I want to do but I never followed through. I think a big part of him thought this was just another one of “those things”.  Now 18 months later, my dream is not only steady but growing beautifully and organically.


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I launched my blog, Bridle & Bone, less than 6 months after starting our massage business. That was infinitely more terrifying. I’ve always loved writing but again, no follow through. I would be excited about a topic, start writing, and then taper off because I didn’t feel confident enough to share my writing with others.


There was a need for that blog, and I knew that I could feed it. More, I felt confident on the topic where I never did as a fiction writer. I found my voice and myself. That true self I’d buried deep over the years, telling myself I could never be successful as a writer. My passion was greater than my fear. So I pushed through and here I am today.

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A success story? Perhaps. I hope so, anyway. Since that day I hit “publish” a year ago I have come leaps and bounds. I’ve written personal posts, wellness posts, sponsored content, and more. Some are easier to write than others. But I let down my guard and opened up in a way I never let myself before. Through sharing I have freed myself in many ways and encountered a world of acceptance from others.


I could list all the things I learned over this last year, certainly. But I won’t. Because I don’t want to measure my success by the things I’ve done. Today I’m inspired by the people I’ve touched and that have touched me (figuratively speaking of course!). Last week, I received the most beautiful and touching note from fellow equestrian blogger, Lindsey Rains of Alta Mira Horsemanship. Lindsey and I have interacted over the last few months through the Equestrian Bloggers Facebook Group hosted by Sophie Tunnah of Team Tunnah Eventing. It’s an amazing group that is incredibly supportive of each other.


Out of the blue Lindsey messaged me with the following:

I have to say I really admire your total business plan. Watching your tenacity as you unfold each step is really inspiring. I’m totally looking up to you for building my blog and our Equestrian Bloggers community!


Sorry, Lindsey, I had to share. Because this is what makes everything worth while. Interviews, book signings, and award nominations aside- this message made me tear up. All I’ve ever wanted to do is work with animals, write, and help others. I’m living my dream and I could not be happier that I stepped outside my comfort zone.


Will you step outside of your comfort zone?



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