Most women are a jack of all trades. I’m not just referring to mothers, or women who work and handle their business like a champ. Speak to most women, and they can multi task like a boss! But inspiration comes in many forms, and many of us look to challenge ourselves. 


I traveled recently to my cousin’s house in Texas. She’s a mother of two boys under 4 and pregnant with her third. She handles everything while her husband travels regularly for work and works part time herself. She is exhausted but still looking for her passion. 


Sarah had family photos taken professionally and announced her pregnancy with them. It is very common to have special moments like pregnancy, engagement, and more captured in photographs. What I found amusing is that they did a mini session and were unable to choose which final 5 photos they would keep. 


Is this a common practice? What the photographer likes, and what the client likes may be two different things. Frankly, I was a little surprised. I know that often the photographer will choose the shots they show in their gallery. But I like to give my clients a few options. Because of her experience my cousin wants to begin taking photography more seriously so she isn’t dependent on anyone else.  


My advice to anyone wanting to try something new? Read about it. And then practice, practice, practice. If you like, take classes or seminars that help push you and engage you in new and different ways. This doesn’t just apply to photography. 


It was lovely to see how extending my own profession inspired her to do the same, but I can’t really take credit. There are so many women, like Sarah and myself, that want to learn and improve. We want to find our passion and become great at it. 


Bonus, I was able to play with her old Canon a bit (though I’m a Nikon girl) and take some impromptu family photos. And guess what- perks of the family means she gets to not only pick her favorites but keep them all. 



Are you thinking of starting something new? Tell me all about it in the comments below. 

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