When you bring a Nikon to Breakfast with Santa you may get “roped” into taking professional photos for a good cause- Santa and his therapy horses.

Recently we had a typical weekend during the holidays. Chaotic. Frantic. Busy, but fun. As a mom of three young daughters and a small business owner- the busy never ends. But the holidays make for a whole other level of insanity. 

Sunday alone we had two barn holiday parties and I had a new equine massage client. First stop, the Special People United to Ride (SPUR) Breakfast with Santa. We heard a rumor he was bringing his reindeer. 

This program is a favorite of mine- my eldest daughter has done therapeutic horse riding for years with them. The facility is impeccable, the horses lovely and well cared for, and the people are empathetic and dedicated. 

They also love to dress their horses up in costume! 

So when I arrived with my family Sunday morning, I brought be dependable Nikon d7200 with me to catch those beautiful smiles with Santa. 

Within moments of arriving, my daughter’s trainer pulled me to the side and told me they had forgotten to have someone take photos and were scrambling. My husband just looked at me and sighed. A family event crossed with “business”. But who wouldn’t help a non-profit that has given them so much? 

I was able to combine with with my family as well as Santa and his trusted “reindeer”. 

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